i) Teamwork: At Billbrain, we believe in the power of teamwork to deliver and maintain effective working relations with our team and clients in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment, with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

ii) Integrity: Integrity is at the core of our work. We preserve the integrity and keep safe all privileged information that we come across, owing to the nature of our, and do not tolerate unethical behaviours in all its forms and manifestations.

iii) Innovation: We believe in the power of innovation for business growth and organisation objective attainment. We also believe in its ability to transform the world around us for the better. It is because of this that we are always seeking new ways of harnessing efficiency to deliver value to our customers.

iv) Customer Centricity: We always strive to satisfy our customers and clients needs, and we work hard to understand what our clients want so we can deliver it flawlessly.

v) Quality: We believe in quality and continuous improvement in our work.