At Billbrain, we provide an enabling environment for our innovations and other innovators’ creations to grow, and this we do through our business incubation programme. Our incubation centre is run by an innovation manager and support staff who facilitate and oversee the growth of our innovations.

With this programme, our aim is to build an integrated ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovators who can work together towards solving problems and creating innovations that solve and provide answers to societal and business needs, providing an avenue for the generation of homegrown solutions to Africa’s social, cultural and economic challenges.

We strive to develop high-impact ventures, that will attract regional and global opportunities in our startup ecosystem. The target scope of our ecosystem partners range from; public, private, academia, research and civil society organisations, to work together as one force for common good through innovation.

Our innovation programme is open to people from all programmes as we believe that many a mind has an idea that could transform our society, given the opportunity to see what it would become. In harnessing this, we offer a conducive enabling co-working space, mentorship, and as we grow, we aim to act as a bridge linking our innovators to funding and investment opportunities that can support these innovations to grow.