Digital Agro Value Chain; (Agro-VCM) is a project we are working on, with funding from the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance under it’s National ICT Innovations Support Programme (NIISP), coordinated by the Resilient Africa Network to develop a mobile-based application that bridges the gap between a farmer and other agro-sector players that are crucial to his or her production, i.e Agro-Input Suppliers, Agricultural Financial Services, Extension Services, Storage/Collection Centers for fresh farm produce, and the final Agricultural Consumers. This tool is also meant to provide accurate market information to the farmer in order to avoid exploitation by the sector middle-men, thereby supporting the grown of the agricultural sector upon which over 70% of the Ugandan population relies for employment, and for the overall benefit of the national economy which is majorly agrarian.

With the ability to keep a record of transactions between the different agro-players when business is transacted, the application also provides a mechanism for record-keeping on financial management and performance of a farmer, a record that is usable for verification of business viability in case of need for credit facility access from financial institutions and private agricultural financiers.

The ability of the application to facilitate management and participation in agriculture by proxy is an incentive to especially the youth and women to join and fairly take part at any level of the agricultural value-chain, enabling them to successfully control their segment of operations, production, or market, thereby taking away the bottlenecks associated with the traditional systems of agricultural operations that often disadvantage and affect the ability of especially these categories of sector players to fairly engage in the agricultural sector and marketplace.

Project partners include: