Unlike other parts of the world where monoculture is practiced, Sub-saharan presents a different scenario whereby the majority of farming is practiced as mixed-farming, and hence, the majority of the off-the-shelf software tools available for agricultural management do not suite sub-Saharan farmer needs.

Drawing from that need, Farm-lite Software is built to answer to the needs of Sub-saharan Africa Agriculture; covering all the major tenets of the operation of mixed farming, to facilitate holistic farm management, enabling data capture, storage, processing and analysis of all farm processes and activity data for efficient and effective farm management and performance monitoring.

With improved record-keeping comes numerous benefits for the farmer, such as informed decision making, ease of planning, and resource allocation, hence improved overall efficiency and productivity on the farm.

This innovation is aimed at boosting government efforts towards the commercialization of agriculture as a key sector for the Ugandan economy, and indeed, the government of Uganda through the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance on the National ICT Innovations Support Programme (NIISP), has come on board to support this innovation with a grant that has seen us produce a Beta version of the software that is already being tested by over 150 farmers across the country.

We aim to improve this further with the collection of user feedback from the farmers testing software, and we hope to release a stable version of the same by the end of the 3 quarter of 2020.

Project partners include: