Audiovisual services is a dynamic sector that has evolved significantly in recent years thanks to technological developments and their impact on organizational and business communication, works and service delivery.

It is now much easier to transmit large amounts of content across borders and to distribute content via a variety of platforms and devices, giving consumers greater control over what they want to watch or listen to, and how.

Audiovisual services include;

  1. E-Conferencing Services: Electronic conferencing is a widespread method used in today’s businesses, as well as in education and social networking websites. The purpose of electronic conferencing is for individuals to engage in various dialogues without being in the same room. Participants can also send and receive files, as well as share documents onto a conferencing discussion board.
  2. Projection Solutions Supplies and Installation
  3. CCTV Camera Solutions Supplies and Installation
  4. Sound recording solutions.
  5. Digital Motion production and distribution solutions,
  6. Radio and television transmission services solutions
  7. Maintenance and Support Services

The sector is important for the pursuit of business, organizational, and governments’ objectives where the majority of such clients/user groups have introduced policies to support in-house / domestic production of audiovisual services or to ensure diversity, to protect intellectual property rights, to regulate advertising practices, or to proscribe illicit content.