Radio Solutions

In partnership with Global Radio Systems, we offer radio communications services and solutions that are the ideal for closed user groups.

  • Enjoy up to 98% network coverage (both urban & remote locations)
  • Immediate Deployment & service
  • Enjoy up to 50% reduction in communication budgets
  • Geo-locate, trace and communicate to all workers, and resources equipped with Radio Terminals 100% accuracy of communications and route history
  • Securely & privately manage your communications with up to 4 different encryption types with your own dispatching application
  • Coordinate with your teams across different sites, and anywhere across the world in real time.

Radio communications services are suitable for, but not limited to the following establishments and uses;

  • Security Companies and Agencies
  • Mines & Petroleum Field Operations
  • Emergency Service Providers
  • Offshore Operations Installations
  • Banks & Remote Financial Providers
  • Transportation & Logistics Providers
  • Large Industrial Operations
  • Medical Service Providers
  • Business enterprises with more than on branch

Read more about the available models, and their respective specifications in the brochure below;

┬áRadio Communication System – Brochure