Get a custom-built or off-the-shelf software solution that fits your exact business needs, with the right support to ensure that it works for you.

We offer a range of software solutions, including;

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software (For Industries & Services, Banking & Finance, Construction & Mining, Consulting & Management, Exchange Offices, Textiles, Tourism, IT & ITC, Insurance, Agriculture, Food, Automotive, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Waste Management, Education, Retail, Not-for-Profits, or similar Enterprises).
  2. Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software (For all Customer Relations Management oriented businesses).
  3. Hotel Management Software (For Hotel, Apartment Residence, Guest Houses or similar places)
  4. Barcode / Point of Sale (POS) Software (For Shops, Supermarkets, Gas Station Stores, Canteens, and other similar businesses)
  5. Restaurant Management Software (For Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Hotels and Subway Shops, and other similar businesses)
  6. Farm Enterprise Management Software (for commercial farm management), with modules for;
  7. General Accounting Software. (For many a business with income, expenditure tracking and reporting needs
  8. Human Resource Management Software (For enterprises to manage and monitor staff.
  9. Hospital / Clinic Management Software (For hospital / Medical enterprises to monitor and manage operations)
  10. SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization) Management Software